Our Golf Ad Network (GAN) can provide clients with a reach to over 750,000 avid golfers, on a golf only network of email listings and golf websites, increasing their exposure to this highly sought after demographic. Opportunities include direct email blasts, newsletter inserts, banner advertising, special offer listings and event services. All are designed to expand their reach to the avid golfer.

The Golf Ad Network was the first advertising network dedicated solely to advertisers and publishers whose focus is on the game of golf. The Golf Ad Network puts golf advertisers and publishers together, allowing unprecedented reach to avid golfers on a national, regional and local level. With the rapid addition in recent years of individual websites for golf courses, golf packagers, golf equipment, and other golf related services, there is now an abundance of unused ad space now available to advertisers.

As a participating advertiser with the Golf Ad Network , tell us what type of golf audience you would like to reach, and when you want to reach them. We can be as precise or as broad as you would like. The following criteria are just some of the ways we can assure that your ad campaign is targeted correctly to achieve its maximum effectiveness.

  • Run of Network – Display your ads for the most complete reach to your targeted audience.
  • Geographically – Utilize data such as state, DMA or zip code with demographic information.
  • Time of Day – Tell us what hour of the day or days of the week that you would like to be seen.
  • Customize Targeting – We can develop a specific targeting strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

The Golf Ad Network is a part of the Total Golf Commerce group of marketing solutions for the golf industry. Through a variety of offerings that includes the Golf Ad Network, Pay4Golf and Total Golf Market, businesses can reach their target audiences from across the country to across town.

Pay4golf.com has recognized the need for an efficient marketing platform that serves as an opportunity to give the avid golfer a way to pay when then want to play right from the golf course via their marketing efforts.

Pay4golf.com provides its users to find a way when it’s time to play. Through our many services, golfers will find opportunities to play more golf with friends, play better golf on the course, and getaway on a golf vacation. Course Listings including details, announcements, course reviews, registrations and offers. Lesson Programs offered by local affiliate instructors to help improve your game. Golf Getaways to popular destinations for your next golf vacation. Fantasy Game Central where you can start a league or match skills in the Fantasy Challenge.